Our Enhanced Safety Culture

R.W. LaPine’s commitment to keeping our employees safe every day remains one of our top priorities. We know as the safety culture around the World continues to evolve, our proactive involvement in all aspects of operating safely is a critical part of our success. Our safety record exemplifies that commitment with an EMR rating consistently below the industry average.

Our safety culture is enhanced through the adoption of our employee owned Safety Committee as well as the use of Safety Coordinators to help implement the best safety policies for our employees and our work environment. Safety observation reports (SOR) are made continuously on our job sites to help ensure proper safety procedures are being utilized.

Continued employee training and updating is achieved through partnerships and educational resources such as MIOSHA CET, MVPP Mentors, building trades apprenticeship schooling, and updated safety training and certifications provided through the company. We also serve as an active participant on other company safety committees which greatly enhances our safety awareness and knowledge.

We demand that all OSHA regulations be observed and maintained as the minimum standard for our employees and all subcontractor employees. We strive to create a culture that lends itself to proactive actions at all levels. This attitude is driven down from the ownership level through supervisors and finally to the “greenest” employee in the field. Every employee understands that they have the right to Stop Work for any situation that is unsafe or exhibits some level of risk.

Recent Safety Training

  • Building Trades Apprenticeship Safety Schooling
  • Structured Company Safety Orientation Courses
  • Tool Box Safety Meetings
  • MIOSHA CET, MVPP Mentors
  • Updated Safety Training and Certification Provided Through the Company
  • Active Participation on Other Company Safety Committees
  • On-line Employee Safety Training Resources