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Demand quality, timeliness, and safety from your custom metal fabricator.

R.W. LaPine is committed to keeping our employees safe. We have chosen Health Safety Institute (HSI) Learning Management Solutions to provide all of our field construction and service employees with virtual safety training. HSI offers in-depth training, safety management, and compliance solutions for businesses of all sizes. With the ability to access individual sessions from a computer, tablet, or phone, our teams can complete training requirements with ease.


We know that, as safety culture around the world evolves, our proactive involvement in all aspects of safety is a critical component of our success. Our safety record exemplifies that commitment and is evident in our EMR rating, which is consistently below the industry average. Our safety culture is enhanced through the adoption of our employee-owned Safety Committee, as well as the use of Safety Coordinators to help implement policies that ensure a safe working environment.


Continued employee training and updating is achieved through partnerships and educational resources, such as MIOSHA CET, MVPP Mentors, building trades apprenticeship schooling, and updated safety training and certifications. We demand that all OSHA regulations be observed and maintained as the minimum standard for our employees and all subcontractor employees. Furthermore, we strive to create a culture that lends itself to proactive actions on all levels.

Safety Data sheets

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Pipe Fitting

Aervoe Survey Marking Paint – Aerosol

Ball_Paint_Marker-LA-CO Industrirs-Liquid

Big Blue Leak Detector-Refrigeration Technologies-Penetrant

Big Bubble Leak Detector-Whitlam Mfg Co-Surfactant Mixture

Blue Magic Pipe Thread Compound-Whitlam Mfg Co-Lubricant

Blue Monster Pipe Thread Sealant-Mill-Rose Co-Paste

Decon-Ahol-Veltek Assoc Inc-Liquid

Fast Set Concrete Mix-Quikrete-Cement

Fluorescent Marking Paint-Rustoleum-Aerosol

Flux Off-No Clean Flux Remover-Chemtronics-Aerosol Solvent

Free-All Penetrating Oil-Federal Process Corp-Aerosol

Great Stuff-Dow Chemical-Foam Sealant

Hercules-for-hands-HCC Holdings-Surfactant

Knock’er Loose-CRC Industries-Penetrant

Lincoln Electric 7018

Loctite 592-Henkel Corp-Anaerobic Sealant

Loctite Foodgrade Anti-seize-Henkel Corp-Lubricant

Mapp Gas-Victor-Compressed Gas

Natural Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner-GOJO Industries Inc-Surfactant

No-5-paste-flux-Oatey Co-Paste

OW 7900

Pipe-joint-lubricant-Oatey Co-Paste

Pro Marking Paint (Green)-Krylon Products Group-Aerosol

Snoop Leak Detector-Swagelok Mfg Co-Liquid Penetrant

Tap Magic ep-xtra-Steco Corp-Penetrant

Thread Sealant with PTFE-ITW Permatex-Paste

Touch n Seal Quick Cure High Yield Straw Foam-Convenience Products-Spray Foam

Triple S Waterless Hand Cleaner-Triple S-Surfactant

Tungsten Electrode

Uni-weld clear pvc cement-United Elchem Ind-Liquid Cement

Wadco Dark Cutting Threading Oil-JC Whitlam Mfg Co-Lubricant

Wadco Light Cutting Threading Oil-JC Whitlam Mfg Co-Lubricant

WD-40-WD-40 Co-Aerosol

Weld-on cpvc pipe cement (low voc)-IPS Corp-Liquid Adhesive

Weld-On Purple Primer-IPS Corp-Liquid

Weld-On Solder Flux Paste-IPS Corp-Paste





Con-Coil sds

Dowtherm SR-1 SDS

Emkarate RL 100E sds

Evap Foam No Rinse Aerosol sds

G_or_D_Big_Blu Leak Detector sds

Genetron 410A sds

hercules-clear-purple-and-unpurple-primer sds

Heresite VR-514 sds

ims-ll Sanitizer (4211) sds

KO-Dirt-Blaster sds.html


Lubrizol (Nu-Calgon) RL 100E sds

Nickel Safe Ice Mach. Cleaner sds

Nitrogen Compressed sds

Oatey-pvc-heavy-duty-clear sds

Oxygen Compressed sds

R 22 Dupont sds

R-12 sds

R-22 sds

R-401A sds

R-404A sds

R-407c sds

R-408A sds

R-410A sds

R134A sds

Refrigerent R23 sds

Renewz sds.html


SimpleGreenAllPurposeCleaner sds


Suva 95

Suva 134A Dupont sds

Suva R-404A_SDS

Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. … MSDS Gaseous Carbon Dioxide – CO2


Sheet Metal

2084 Metal Sealant

440gaskettape-Ductmate Industries Inc-Rubber Sealer

Anti Spatter-KCI Inc-Aerosol Solvent

Ball_Paint_Marker-LA-CO Industries-Liquid

Carbon Steel-solid wire electrodes and rods Weldcote Metals

CRC Knock’er Loose-CRC Industries-Penetrant

Fluorescent Marking Paint-Rust-Oleum Corp.-Aerosol

Free-All Penetrating Oil-Federal Process Corp-Aerosol

Galvanized Sheet-hot dipped-Amico- Carbon Steel

Galvanized Sheet-Winner Steel Inc.-Carbon Steel

Galvilite Repair Compound-ZRC Worldwide-Liquid

Great Stuff-Dow Chemical-Foam Sealant

Hercules-for-hands-HCC Holdings-Cleaner

High Heat Silver-Rust-Oleum Corp.-Aerosol

Lockformer Galv-Off-Chase Products Co-Aerosol

Loctite 592-Henkel-Anaerobic Sealant-Paste

Metacaulk-1000-Rectorseal Corp-Sealant.html

Natural Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner-GOJO-Cleaner

Ram-Tack Spray Adhesive-Aramsco-Aerosol

RTA 50-Carlisle HVAC Prod.-Sealant

Scotch-Seal 800-3M- Ind. Sealant

Stainless Cleaner-Zep Inc-Aerosol

Stainless Steel-Precision Metals

Tap Magic ep-xtra-Steco Corp-Penetrant

Touch n Seal High Yield Straw Foam-Convenience Products-Spray Foam Sealant

TravelTack_Low_VOC-Carlisle HVAC Products-Adhesive