AC Repair & Installation

Cutting-edge construction technology backed by decades of experience.

Utilizing state-of-the-art construction technology, R.W. LaPine is Southwest Michigan’s go-to source for high-quality construction services. Whether you’re interested in gathering ‘as-is’ site data, prefabricating essential materials, or generating automated layouts, we can help. Our experienced team is well-versed in a range of industry-leading software, which allows us to reduce downtime, lower costs, and streamline the construction process. When you work with us, you can be confident that you’re partnering with the most experienced, best equipped construction technology team in the Kalamazoo area.


R.W. LaPine in Kalamazoo has an extensive background with cutting-edge technology and its implementation. We’ve been able to leverage our expertise on a large majority of our projects in the Kalamazoo area. By utilizing our suite of software and hardware, we can increase efficiency, productivity, and quality, all while minimizing headaches. Our services in Kalamazoo include VDC/BIM coordination, automated digital field layout, 3D laser scanning, and more, ensuring that your projects are streamlined and successful.

3D Laser Scanning

R.W. LaPine in Kalamazoo uses the latest in 3D laser scanning technology to provide accurate ‘as-is’ site data. This arms personnel with the information necessary to understand site conditions in extreme detail and in full context within the Kalamazoo area. Our on-site registration process provides fast delivery and near real-time conditions to our construction technology team in Kalamazoo, which allows them to minimize downtime and increase efficiency, ensuring that your projects proceed smoothly and efficiently.

Automated Layout Services

By employing cutting-edge digital layout tools, we have the ability to ensure accurate, fast, and minimally invasive material installation on our projects. We are able to mark installation locations for our systems and our clients’ systems, all with a reduced time commitment and greater accuracy across the entirety of a project site. Additionally, we can provide all of this with fewer constraints than traditional methods.


With decades of experience and the tools available within our construction technology team, we can prefabricate much of our work. This lets us increase labor efficiency, improve quality, and minimize downtime. Our duct and pipe fabrication shops maintain everything necessary to quickly provide essential services