AC Repair & Installation

Quick, experience-driven solutions to ensure the success of your project.

R.W. LaPine’s design-build process provides customers with an expedited solution that works toward the best possible project outcome. We engage with you and your project partners to pinpoint all of the criteria for your project. Next, we create cost estimates, performance parameters, and optional operating cost analyses to custom develop the systems you need. Our experience can be leveraged to eliminate project challenges, reduce budgets, and maintain even the tightest schedules. We also offer pre-design budget support and valued design assistance to cover all project aspects prior to construction.


Before you start construction in Kalamazoo, R.W. LaPine can work with you to verify that the cost of the project meets your expectations. In addition, we can recommend cost-saving measures to reduce your overall budget in the Kalamazoo area. And, if you’re uncertain about your budget, our team of estimators in Kalamazoo can put together an expected cost for projects of any size. With proper planning, we can ensure you stay on schedule and under budget, making your project in Kalamazoo a success.

Facility Audits

Long-term planning is essential to your project’s success. To ensure a conscientious plan of attack for the future, R.W. LaPine can analyze your systems for serviceability, repairability, and life expectancy.


Meeting deadlines in Kalamazoo is reliant upon reliable deliveries. But, with the uncertainty of delivery schedules, planning can be challenging in the Kalamazoo area. At R.W. LaPine, we can help to select and procure equipment and materials in a timely manner, ensuring that your projects in Kalamazoo stay on track and meet all deadlines efficiently.