AC Repair & Installation

Residential HVAC in Southwest Michigan from the region’s most trusted technicians.

Aiming to provide customers with high-quality residential HVAC in St. Joseph, R.W. LaPine has built a reputation for prompt service, quality, and affordability. In many cases, our consultants can recommend improvements to cut energy costs without sacrificing your home’s comfort. For over 75 years, we’ve guided our customers toward smart, cost-efficient updates that extend the lifespans of their heating and cooling systems. Our long list of satisfied customers attests to our craftsmanship, honesty, and integrity.

Emergency Repairs for HVAC in St. Joseph

Emergency HVAC repair isn’t something we think about every day. With a few clicks of our thermostats, we have instant access to cool and warm air. So, it’s easy to take comfortable temperatures for granted. But, when your air conditioner fails in the middle of summer or your heater gives way to winter’s frigid temperatures, we realize how essential these utilities are. In these cases, you need to call R.W. LaPine for emergency HVAC repair. We know that a working HVAC system is vital to a home’s comfort and will prioritize immediate, responsive service to resolve your issues.

Residential Heating

If you’re in need of St. Joseph HVAC services, you can trust R.W. LaPine’s decades of experience to help you solve a wide range of heating and cooling problems. Promising 100% satisfaction, our HVAC services include new furnace installation, furnace tune-ups, furnace maintenance, and 24/7 emergency furnace repair.

Residential Air Conditioning

Ensuring your air conditioning is working is critical during Southwest Michigan’s hot summer months. Our expert technicians can deliver the solutions you need to keep your home cool. From installing a new air conditioner to performing an annual tune-up to keep your HVAC system going, our team’s experience can keep your family comfortable.


Our HVAC techs can provide top-notch boiler repair, installation, and maintenance.


We can repair or replace your home’s humidifier to ensure your family’s comfort.

Water Heaters

  • Our residential HVAC team can service both gas and electric water heaters.


Air Purification Systems

We can provide air purification solutions to solve air quality issues.


HVAC Financing

Applying for HVAC financing can be done online via a quick, secure, and private application. To apply for a credit card, simply complete the online credit application below. You will be able to read the privacy policy and review the terms of this offer before submitting your application.

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If you’ve been searching for a full-service mechanical contractor near you, R.W. LaPine can help. From residential HVAC to custom metal fabrication, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss your needs.