Humidifiers Repairs

LaPine Residential HVAC will repair your current unit or select the humidifier that’s just right for your home. No matter what, we provide you with peace of mind that your whole-home humidifier will deliver the perfect amount of humidity to your entire home, automatically. Let us specify a solution for you today.

Water Heater Installation and Service

LaPine Residential HVAC offers service and installation of both gas and electric water heaters. Our knowledgeable technicians can help you select the water heating system that suits your needs and budget, from endless hot water with a tankless water heater to traditional storage hot water heating systems.

Air Purification and Filtration System Repairs

Not only does LaPine Residential HVAC provide top-notch HVAC and plumbing services, but we are also qualified to provide whole home solutions to all your indoor air problems. Contact us to learn more about the products and services we provide to improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Preventative Maintenance Services

Prevent unwanted equipment breakdowns with a proactive maintenance program that keeps your HVAC equipment in peak shape to perform for you year after year. Our ComfortZone Membership is highly recommended to give you peace of mind that your home will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer.