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It is proven that a maintenance program will pay for itself every year. We check to make sure your HVAC-R equipment is operating at peak efficiency to minimize energy usage, help prolong the useful life of the equipment, reduce equipment downtime, and help maintain the overall safety of your workplace.

LaPine Mechanical takes pride in servicing and maintaining all types of equipment from refrigeration to pneumatics, boilers and beyond. Our technicians have extensive knowledge on all types of systems, and we make sure to create a custom preventive maintenance plan that uniquely matches your needs and the needs of your system. Please contact us today, let us give you a free custom analysis and quote for an annual maintenance program that’s customized just for you.

As a partner in a preventive maintenance program you will receive:

  • Detailed inspection of all applicable equipment (belts, refrigerant charge, motor inspections, etc.).
  • A copy of the service technician’s report, indicating what repairs and/or improvements , if any, are necessary or recommended following each inspection.
  • Emergency Service — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with priority to our clients with Preventive Maintenance Agreements with LaPine.
  • Trained and Qualified Service Technicians to perform the maintenance and emergency services safely and effectively.
  • A designated service technician as your primary technician to coordinate all maintenance service.
  • Peace of mind that your equipment is running at peak performance and efficiency.

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