No job too small or big.

R.W. LaPine Inc., provides a wide range of commercial/industrial plumbing and hydronic services. Few things on a construction site are more aggravating than paying for skilled tradesmen to stand around “waiting for the plumbers to finish.” At LaPine, we are committed to doing the job right and doing it on time. This commitment starts in the design and planning stages and follows right through to the final construction. LaPine has the manpower and the knowledge to perform to your time schedule. In fact, we have a reputation for finishing ahead of schedule.

Process piping is what we are known for.

For some jobs, experience is required. Do you need a system to handle chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs? We’ve installed thousands. Need to employ special materials such as stainless or Teflon-coated carbon steel pipe? Special procedures? We know them. And our work stands up to the most rigorous quality controls. Neither X-rays nor bacteria will find a cavity in one of our welds. Few companies can say this. We have the experience. Because that’s what you require.

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