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HVAC-R Equipment LaPine Services

From chillers, to boilers, to steam generators, and variable frequency drives, our team combines the expertise of each of our technicians to properly service hundreds of applications, makes, and models. Maybe you have a question about your own unique equipment or system. Contact us and we'll inform you on how we can be of service.

Air Curtains

Air curtains may or may not be heated, but their purpose is to provide an air barrier to a doorway that often remains open between two different spaces. They can be between two rooms or one room and the outdoors. Creating an air barrier assists in maintaining space temperatures or keeping unwanted flying insects or debris from entering clean spaces. LaPine Mechanical Service can service all makes and models.

Air Dryers

Many industrial manufacturing facilities use compressed air for production applications. For most of these processes, it is vital that this compressed air is dry, clean, and tempered. A refrigerated air dryer is one of the more popular methods of ensuring this air quality. Whether the compressed air is for pneumatic controls, pneumatic powered machinery, or even paint and prepping processes, LaPine troubleshoots, services and installs all brands and types of air dryers to keep your compressed air system running properly.

Air Rotation Units

A popular method of warehouse and large space heating, air rotation units are large air handling units that "rotate" and mix the air by taking in cold air near the floor and dispersing heated air out of the top. By turning over large amounts of air at low velocities, a properly installed unit efficiently conditions the air throughout the entire space. LaPine Mechanical Service has many customers that utilize this method of large space heating, and we make sure that through proper combustion, fan operation, and regular maintenance, they keep our customers comfortable. 

Boilers and Hydronic Heating Systems

Steam and hot water boilers can be used for a wide variety of applications ranging from space heating, to industrial processes, to domestic hot water use. Whatever the application though, every boiler needs the proper care and maintenance to keep it operating safely up to state and local codes. At LaPine, we install and service all of the name brands from the most standard Weil Mclain or Burnham to a sophisticated Fulton or Lochinvar with stand alone computer or DDC control capabilities. Whether you've got radiant heating, steam processing, or a snow melt system, LaPine Mechanical Service has the manufacturer training and experience to take care of your boilers and steam or hot water equipment.     

Chiller Applications

From plastics manufacturing, to pharmaceuticals, to paper processing, to healthcare facilities, many of our customers utilize chiller-supplied cooling solutions for their industrial and comfort needs. LaPine services all the major brand names including Trane, York, Hitachi, McQuay as well as unique decentralized chiller systems with international brands. Each brand's operation and controls are uniquely designed, and our diversely experienced service team knows the ins and outs of properly caring for each specific application, including the cooling towers, heat exchangers, pumps, and other equipment within the complete chiller system.               

Circulating and Process Pumps

Circulating and process pumps are the heart of the system that they serve. Whether it's air cooled process water for your production machinery or tempered glycol for an HVAC system, LaPine Mechanical Service knows how to design, maintain, and service these pumps to keep them running. There are as many different types and sizes of pumps as there are applications. Careful design of these fluid systems, from sizing and placement of piping, to proper sizing and placement of pumps and peripheral equipment is crucial. We have the design-build and engineering experience to get you set up right, and the service know-how to keep your pumps running.

Condensing Units and Evaporators

Condensing units and evaporators are the two halves to many air conditioning systems, and are often referred to as "split systems." Many small offices have multiple 2-5 ton split systems integrated with a residential style furnace. On the other hand, your workspace may be cooled by a large air handler, with an evaporator coil the size of a garage door and a condensing unit with 150 tons of cooling capacity. Whether it's a new install, energy efficient retrofit, or just a simple repair, LaPine Mechanical Service is efficient enough to take care of your small system needs, and experienced and knowledgeable enough to tackle any large scale HVAC project.                

Controls Systems

Here at LaPine Mechanical Service, our more than 20 technicians not only have the benefit of decades of experience in the long-standing systems such as pneumatics and electro-mechanical controls, but we also have the technological experience to incorporate and utilize state-of-the-art DDC building automation controls. Many of our customers have seized the opportunity to invest in several different types of DDC control systems that allow them to view their mechanical systems' operation from their computer. Likewise, we can view their systems' operation from our computer, troubleshoot problems, and save time and money. If you have questions on your existing system, or would like to learn more about the benefits of an interactive DDC system, call us today.                

Cooling Towers

LaPine Mechanical Service installs and maintains all brands of cooling towers, including but not limited to Tower Tech, Imeco, Frick, and Marley. From open systems for chillers and process water to fluid cooling towers with glycol systems, LaPine knows how to not only install the equipment properly, but maintain and care for it. We regulate and maintain several different types of water treatment systems for our customers, ensuring longevity for these critical tower systems.        

Ductless Heating & Cooling Systems

For certain installation projects, there just isn't a lot of room or use for ductwork. With heat/cool and multiple evaporator unit capabilities, ductless split systems provide practical solutions for server rooms, special storage applications, and any room or office that needs heating or cooling without a lot of demolition and construction. LaPine Mechanical Service regularly installs and maintains all makes and models including Mitsubishi, Daiken, Fujitsu, and Carrier.        

Domestic Hot Water Solutions

Although we install the standard 40 gallon water heater all the time, LaPine Mechanical Service also designs, services, and installs all different types of domestic hot water systems. Whether you work in a commercial office building with a kitchen sink, a healthcare facility with countless showers and commercial laundry, or a large manufacturing facility with an incredible hourly demand for hot water for cleaning or sanitizing, we have the experience to tailor a custom fit hot water system that serves your specific needs at your specific budget. Boilers, storage tanks, indirect stainless steel water heaters, high efficiency on-demand water heaters, and digital control capabilities are just some of the tools and products that we can use to supply your facility with the domestic hot water it needs while being cost and energy efficient. We service all types of existing systems too, with countless brands of boilers and peripheral equipment.         

Dust & Mist Collectors

LaPine Mechanical Service has extensive experience servicing, designing, and installing dust and mist collecting systems. We've installed systems for countless applications including oil capture for metal machining, dust capture, paper processing, and even spice and extract applications. Each system needs to be specific to your application, properly matching the equipment to your application needs, properly sizing and designing ductwork, and taking proper care of the system once its in place.         

Electrical Cabinet A/C

These air conditioning units often serve critical electrical controls to critical manufacturing equipment. Simple and regular maintenance is often enough to keep these units and their respective equipment running, but when they need repair, LaPine is there quickly with the expertise to get your equipment operational as soon as possible.         

Energy Recovery Systems

Energy recovery for fresh air and exhaust systems revolves around a simple concept: use the tempered air leaving the building to temper the air entering the building. However, there are many different ways to do this. LaPine Mechanical Service has specific experience servicing and/or installing stand-alone energy recovery systems with large air handling equipment, as well as smaller systems that work alongside or with the help of existing HVAC equipment. Whether it be a simple system for your energy efficient office building or home, or a sophisticated system of ductwork and air handlers for a large institutional facility, LaPine has the know-how to design and maintain these energy saving systems.        

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