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Additional HVAC-R Equipment LaPine Services

Environmental Test Chambers

From testing aerospace hydraulic systems in extreme altitudes, to evaluating the durability of plastic car components in extreme weather, environmental test chambers are sophisticated and often expensive pieces of equipment. Typically utilizing a cascade system utilizing two different refrigerants, these machines can produce temperatures ranging from -100 to 360 degrees Fahrenheit. Several of LaPine Mechanical Service's commercial/industrial customers use these machines, and rely on LaPine to perform basic troubleshooting and repair.

Exhaust & Supply Air Systems

Whether your facility has just a few bathroom exhaust fans or complex exhaust/fresh air control system complete with VFD's and static pressure controls, they have to be working properly to maintain a safe and pleasant work environment. LaPine Mechanical Service designs, installs, and services exhaust systems for all applications including manufacturing facilities, laboratories, restaurants, commercial buildings, and mechanical systems.   


Furnaces, the old heating stand-by. But if they're not properly maintained, your furnace might not have the long life it was designed for, or even worse, it could pose a serious danger to those around it. With combustion analysis, multi-point inspections, and proper care, LaPine Mechanical Service not only properly installs and maintains your furnace equipment; we make sure that we keep you safe. We are direct dealer for several makes, but we service all makes and models.

Heat Exchangers

The term "heat exchanger" covers a wide variety of mechanical equipment. Heat exchangers can be found in unit heaters, furnaces, package HVAC units, and many other forced air heating applications. These are critical components that need to be in good condition to ensure safe and efficient heating operation. Another type of heat exchanger is fluid to fluid heat exchangers. These can often be found in process water systems and some forms of large HVAC applications. We service all makes and models and types of heat exchangers, and most importantly, we know how to take care of them to ensure the longevity that their manufacturers' intended for.

Heat Pump Systems

Whether you have a small air-to-air heat pump system, geothermal, or a large commercial heat pump system complete with fluid process cooler, LaPine Mechanical Service technicians regularly care for, install, and troubleshoot a wide variety of these applications. We service all makes and models, and regularly stock many heat pump components to keep your equipment running.

Hot Deck/Cold Deck Systems

Hot deck / Cold deck technology has been around for decades, but continues to resurface even in new construction projects as an energy efficient way of heating and cooling different zones within a building. By supplying a constant stream of hot and cold air in separate "decks" of the air handler, a HDCD system combines different proportions of hot and cold air and directs that tempered air to a specific zone which is calling for that specific temperature air. LaPine services older HDCD systems with electromechanical controls, newer ones controlled by DDC systems, and has construction experience building brand new state of the art hot deck cold deck systems using energy recovery systems.

Humidity Management Systems

Whether you have a furnace with a humidistat, steam generation units for your commercial system, or even a steam boiler for a large air handler, LaPine Mechanical Service has probably taken care of and/or installed a system very similar to it. With countless different customers with countless different types of humidity systems for creature comfort or industrial processes, LaPine has the experience to troubleshoot and properly control humidity levels for even the most unique of applications.



Infrared & Unit Heaters

Infrared heaters and unit heaters are popular ways of heating areas such as warehouses, large garage spaces, and sometimes even office or classroom areas. LaPine Mechanical Service takes care of hundreds of these pieces of equipment, ensuring proper operation and safety for those using the heaters. We service all styles including hot water, steam, electric, and gas fired unit heaters as well as countless types of infrared heaters. Makes we take care of and install include but are not limited to Lennox, Trane, Modine, Reznor, Sterling, Dayton, McQuay and many more.

Make Up Air Units

Ranging from small make up air units supplying fresh air to your favorite restaurant's kitchen, to commercial cooling and heating air handlers taking in and tempering outdoor air 24 hours a day, to 20 foot tall units that heat and supply fresh air for gigantic manufacturing floors, LaPine's technicians are accustomed to the intricacies of all these and more applications. We install and service all manufacturers, anticipating the nuances of each brand, configuring the control systems to maintain proper pressures, and keeping fresh air in your work environment.

Package Units

From the simplest 2 ton rooftop unit, to a highly sophisticated package unit complete with energy recovery and computer controls, to a Mammoth brand unit with hundreds of tons of cooling capacity, LaPine Mechanical Service knows the intricacies of each different manufacturer. We service all brand names, including but not limited to Lennox, Trane, Aon, York, Rheem, American Standard, Mammoth, Carrier, McQuay, and many more.

Refrigeration & Kitchen Equipment

LaPine Mechanical Service is here to take care of your kitchen and restaurant equipment as well. With technicians that have spent decades specifically in the field of supermarket and restaurant refrigeration, we know how to care for everything from your reach in freezer, to your 2500 square foot drive in cooler, to the state-of-the-art rack system for your supermarket cooling needs. For your exhaust and air quality needs, be sure to check out the make-up air and exhaust systems sections.

Server Room Air Conditioning

LaPine Mechanical Service has over 20 technicians that are responsible for care and service of data room cooling systems, including several technicians specifically trained by industry leaders such as Liebert. Server room air conditioning systems come in a wide variety of solutions, ranging from economical 1.5 ton mini-splits to large data management systems requiring a sophisticated 35 ton Liebert system complete with humidity control to keep up with their cooling demands. With years of service and countless server a/c installs under their belt, LaPine has the experience to help you design, pipe, install, and properly configure your server room cooling equipment to meet your specific data care needs. Call us for any questions or a free consultation today.

Variable Frequency Drives

Variable frequency drives, also known as "Freq Drives" or "VFD's," are widely used on all kinds of process equipment as well as HVAC equipment. LaPine Mechanical Service has extensive experience installing, replacing, configuring, and troubleshooting these devices. From an HVAC standpoint, VFD's are very useful in modulating pumps, air handlers, exhaust blowers, condenser fan motors, and even compressors to accommodate load and performance requirements of HVAC equipment. This saves substantial amounts of money by enabling the piece of equipment to only run at the speed or capacity that is necessary, as opposed to running at 100% whenever it turns on. VFD's are also easily interfaced into DDC control systems and can also be installed as stand-alone devices with individual controllers. If you'd like to learn about how much money there is to be saved by installing VFD's at your business, call LaPine today for a free consultation and check out our Energy Evaluation section.

VAV Systems

One of the more energy efficient methods of zone controlled air conditioning and heating, VAV systems utilize a large central air handler to deliver cold air at a regulated static pressure to individual damper boxes with reheat coils to supply individual zones with as much cold or warm air as is needed. Variable frequency drives, proportional damper controls, proportional hot water valve actuators, boilers and A/C equipment are often monitored by a sophisticated control system. LaPine Mechanical Service has extensive experience designing, installing, maintaining, and servicing VAV systems and their mechanical components.